Dutch startup uses AI to elevate and innovate event experiences

January 15, 2024

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Elevating Event Experiences: WeSmile's AI-Powered Innovation in Eindhoven


In the heart of Eindhoven, a Dutch startup named WeSmile is revolutionizing event engagements through the seamless integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. In an era where events demand more than just passive participation, WeSmile's ingenious use of AI, particularly through their AI photobooth, has set a new standard for immersive and captivating event experiences. Even though they are based in Netherlands, they support events throughout Belgium, Germany and Luxemburg!


The Birth of WeSmile's Vision

Founded with a mission to redefine event engagement through innovation, WeSmile's journey began with a vision—to transform events into memorable and interactive experiences. Leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, the team set out to create something beyond the ordinary photo booth. They aimed to craft an experience that not only captures moments but also adds a unique layer of personalization and engagement for event attendees.


Introducing WeSmile's AI Photobooth

At the core of WeSmile's offerings lies their groundbreaking AI photobooth—an innovation that epitomizes the fusion of technology, creativity, and interactive storytelling. Unlike conventional photobooths, WeSmile's AI photobooth isn't just about taking snapshots. It's a gateway to an immersive journey that transports guests to a realm of personalized and transformative experiences.

WeSmile team in Eindhoven

Unraveling the AI Photobooth Experience

Imagine stepping into an event where the AI photobooth awaits. As guests approach, they encounter an interactive experience that goes beyond merely capturing moments. The AI photobooth engages them with thought-provoking questions, themed prompts, or a selection of options that allow attendees to customize their photo experiences.


AI-Powered Personalization in Real-Time

Powered by AI algorithms, the magic begins as guests choose their preferences. Whether it's a themed background, an artistic transformation, or a unique visual experience, the AI photobooth instantly processes and transforms images on the spot. Each photo is meticulously tailored, generating a personalized masterpiece that resonates with the individual's choices and preferences.


A Versatile Addition to Any Event

WeSmile's AI photobooth transcends boundaries, adapting seamlessly to various event themes and settings. From corporate gatherings to festive celebrations, art exhibitions to themed parties, the AI photobooth becomes an integral part of the event, enhancing the overall ambiance and engagement levels.


Why Choose WeSmile's AI Photobooth?

The unparalleled allure of WeSmile's AI photobooth lies in its ability to create more than just images—it crafts memorable moments. Its innovative use of AI technology doesn't just capture snapshots; it tells stories, encourages interactions, and leaves a lasting impression on event participants. WeSmile's journey in Eindhoven represents more than just a startup venture. It symbolizes the power of innovation and the impact of AI in transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. With their AI photobooth, WeSmile has ignited a spark in the events industry—a spark that elevates and innovates event experiences, one picture at a time.

This blog post aims to highlight the innovative approach of WeSmile, a Dutch startup, and its utilization of AI technology to revolutionize event engagements, especially through their AI photobooth in Eindhoven.

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Great way to have a laugh and have a bit of banter. 

Koen Homan 

CRR, Adyen

This is THE BIGGEST INNOVATION FOR EVENTS in years. Nobody leaves this AI photobooth without a smile. I've seen it in action multiple times now, and I would definitely recommend it to every business or private event. It's a great way to impress your visitors and they go home with a memorable and unique gift.

Tim Deynen

Head of Labs EMEA, GroupM

Its fun, entertaining, creative and innovative. Its something Ive never seen before. Original. I love the themes, its out of the box, but also in the box (the photobooth setup)

Fabienne Houry

Channel Account Manager, Dell Technohogies

It’s great, very excited to see the possibilities of the A.I. images with this photobooth.

Jason Paige
American singer of OG Pokemon theme song

My testimonial is only one word: Phenomenal.

Clemens Rademakers
VMware Sales Specialist, Dell Technohogies

Loved the booth and I’m happy to have this day captured with AI. When pictures are in paper the moment feels more unique. So great job to the whole team of Wesmile


Software Engineer, Adyen

Lovely start-up,  great communications and they developed and interesting and fun concept. On the one hand, a fun and interactive booth to use for your event on the other hand, a great conversation starter about the utilisation of AI.

Jonathan Mostert

Projectmanager, Frisse Blikken

This experience was very original, it gives me a whole new feeling about   fun and creativity. If I were to simply put it in words, the photobooth has an outstanding and uniquely captivating ability for me and I think my team thinks the same too.

Fabrice Martin

Director IT, Altiore