Smile! We are here to Maximise Your Event's Engagement Experience with our AI Photobooth

Increase brand awareness for your guests with AI
Complete Personalisation Package
100% Engaging Smiles Guaranteed

What does WeSmile

Maximized Event Engagement
Through our personalised service, we engage your event attendees stronger with your brands/individual experience

Unlimited Memory Crafting Prints
All our plans offers your attendees an unlimited amount of engagement and photo printing ensuring everyone can have the maximum fun

100% Personalised
Our AI powered photobooth and event setup can be entirely tailored to fit the theme and style of your events to strengthen the engagement of your event attendees

Smiles and Lasting Impression Guaranteed
We take account on every direction of your event to ensure your guests are entertained and engaged to leave a lasting impression

We support any type of events

Step 1
Step inside the photobooth, answer 1-2 questions related to the event on the photobooth screen
Step 2
Smile! Take a picture.
Step 3
Choose an art style to transform you into any art style, creature, non-fiction figures, or animations! Print it out and keep it uniquely yours.
Step 4
Image is being printed out and keep it uniquely yours!

Smile! Welcome to your event's AI powered photobooth experience
AI powered - 100% unique - smile guaranteed

transform into any fiction character

From baby yoda to pikachu, to any fictional character that your event required, we can transform you based on your choices.

Transform into any art styles

From being cowboys to van Gogh paintings, from Japanese animation to doing house chores. Having a themed party like Christmas? We can transform everyone wearing santa hat in Lapland!

• Smile! Welcome to your event's AI powered photobooth experience •

Each image is 100% personalised for you

What our photobooth offers

100% Personalised Images

Every image is uniquely generated based on the input of you

Unique Experience

Innovative experience of A.I. technology integrated in photobooth

Animating / Transformation

After taking an image, you can add any art style into the taken photos to make the photo uniquely yours

Full flexibility

All questions for A.I. photo output is tailored to your event's needs

3 simple steps on how our photobooth work

Step 1 : Step inside the photobooth, answer 1-2 questions related to the event on the photobooth screen, your unique image will be generated by A.I.

Step 2 : Smile! Take a photo with the generated image

Step 3: Choose an art style to transform your image into any art style, creature, non-fiction figures, or animations ! Print it out and keep it uniquely yours

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Our Clients & Reviews

Trusted by companies and individuals with our smiles guarantee.

Lovely start-up,  great communications and they developed and interesting and fun concept. On the one hand, a fun and interactive booth to use for your event on the other hand, a great conversation starter about the utilisation of AI.

Jonathan Mostert

Frisse Blikken

Hiring the AI photobooth for our wedding was a fantastic decision. It added a unique touch to our special day, allowing our guests to have a fun and enjoyable time. The personalized images were cherished memories our guests will treasure forever

Saartje & Bart

Married Couple

All our colleagues enjoyed WeSmile photobooth. It elevated our brand activations to a whole new level. We will come back for more collaboration as our team members were all super happy! Making our events a resounding success.

Jeroen R.

Our product launch party witnessed the AI photobooth's meteoric rise, captivating guests with its cutting-edge technology and infectious enjoyment. The high quality images yielded invaluable insights into customer preferences, making it a truly ingenious and exhilarating marketing instrument.

Malou R.

At the trade show, the AI photobooth became a magnet, attracting a throng of attendees seeking an interactive and captivating encounter. Its ability to generate bespoke images ignited excitement and propelled our booth to the forefront of conversations. An ingenious and delightful addition to our marketing arsenal.

Richard R.


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A.I. Powered
A.I. Powered
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