Whats the Difference? Green Screen Photobooth vs. AI Photobooth

January 15, 2024

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What's the difference? Green Screen Photobooth vs. AI Photobooth

In the vibrant world of event entertainment, photobooths have become a staple, adding an extra layer of excitement and fun to various occasions. With advancements in technology, different types of photobooth experiences have emerged, each offering unique features and capabilities. Among these are the green screen photobooth and the AI photobooth—two distinct innovations that have transformed the way we capture moments at events.


Understanding the Green Screen Photobooth

The green screen photobooth, a well-known fixture in the event industry, leverages chroma key technology to transport individuals into different virtual backgrounds. By standing in front of a green backdrop, participants have their photos taken, which are later superimposed onto various pre-selected backgrounds during the post-production process. This technology creates an illusion, enabling guests to appear as if they're in diverse locations or settings without physically being there.


The Essence of an AI Photobooth

On the other hand, the AI photobooth takes a revolutionary approach to event entertainment. Powered by artificial intelligence, this innovative booth goes beyond just changing backgrounds. It harnesses the capabilities of AI algorithms to personalize and transform images in real-time, offering a dynamic and interactive experience. Unlike the fixed backgrounds of the green screen, the AI photobooth adapts and creates unique, customized experiences for each participant, making every snapshot distinctive and memorable.


AI booth transformation into the streets of Tokyo

Key Differences Between the Two

1. Personalization and Real-time Transformation:
  - Green Screen: The green screen photobooth relies on predetermined backgrounds selected before the photo is taken. Post-production editing is necessary to merge the images with the backgrounds.
  - AI Photobooth: With AI technology, the photobooth processes and transforms images instantly during the photo session itself, providing personalized and immersive experiences tailored to individual preferences. Each image is uniquely generated and remains uniquely yours to keep.


2. Adaptability and Interactivity:
  - Green Screen: Participants choose from a set of fixed backgrounds, limiting the interaction and spontaneity during the photo-taking process.
  - AI Photobooth: The AI-powered booth engages participants by offering choices and interactions that go beyond background changes. It prompts guests with questions or options, allowing them to actively shape their unique photo experiences.


3. Versatility and Engagement:
  - Green Screen: While versatile, the green screen photobooth's interactivity is often confined to selecting backgrounds, offering limited engagement opportunities.
  - AI Photobooth: Through AI-driven interactions, the photobooth becomes an engaging storyteller, encouraging guests to actively participate in the creation of their memorable moments.


4. Event Experience Enhancement:
  - Green Screen: Adds an element of novelty by transporting participants to various virtual settings, yet lacks real-time personalization.
  - AI Photobooth: Elevates event experiences by providing real-time, personalized interactions that resonate with the event's theme or objectives, leaving a lasting impression on attendees.



Which One Should You Choose as an event manager?

Choosing between a green screen photobooth and an AI photobooth ultimately depends on the desired experience for your event. If you're seeking a straightforward virtual background experience, a green screen photobooth might suffice. However, if you aim for personalized, interactive, and dynamically tailored moments that engage your guests uniquely, an AI photobooth stands as an unparalleled choice. The ever-evolving landscape of event entertainment, the emergence of AI technology has redefined how we capture and cherish moments. Both photobooth experiences offer their distinct advantages, but the AI photobooth, with its innovative capabilities and the promise of unique, individually generated images, adds an extra layer of enchantment and engagement that resonates deeply with event attendees.

Group M
Frisse Blikken
Group M
Frisse Blikken

Trusted by companies and individuals with our smiles guarantee.

Great way to have a laugh and have a bit of banter. 

Koen Homan 

CRR, Adyen

This is THE BIGGEST INNOVATION FOR EVENTS in years. Nobody leaves this AI photobooth without a smile. I've seen it in action multiple times now, and I would definitely recommend it to every business or private event. It's a great way to impress your visitors and they go home with a memorable and unique gift.

Tim Deynen

Head of Labs EMEA, GroupM

Its fun, entertaining, creative and innovative. Its something Ive never seen before. Original. I love the themes, its out of the box, but also in the box (the photobooth setup)

Fabienne Houry

Channel Account Manager, Dell Technohogies

It’s great, very excited to see the possibilities of the A.I. images with this photobooth.

Jason Paige
American singer of OG Pokemon theme song

My testimonial is only one word: Phenomenal.

Clemens Rademakers
VMware Sales Specialist, Dell Technohogies

Loved the booth and I’m happy to have this day captured with AI. When pictures are in paper the moment feels more unique. So great job to the whole team of Wesmile


Software Engineer, Adyen

Lovely start-up,  great communications and they developed and interesting and fun concept. On the one hand, a fun and interactive booth to use for your event on the other hand, a great conversation starter about the utilisation of AI.

Jonathan Mostert

Projectmanager, Frisse Blikken

This experience was very original, it gives me a whole new feeling about   fun and creativity. If I were to simply put it in words, the photobooth has an outstanding and uniquely captivating ability for me and I think my team thinks the same too.

Fabrice Martin

Director IT, Altiore