What is an AI photobooth?

January 15, 2024

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Innovative Event Experiences with AI Photobooth: What is an AI photobooth?


In today's dynamic and ever-evolving world, the synergy between state-of-the-art AI technology and avant-garde event experiences has ignited a paradigm shift in the realm of event entertainment. The AI photobooth, a innovation by Wesmile, is revolutionizing the fundamental fabric of event engagement. This cutting-edge innovation epitomizes a seamless amalgamation of AI-powered technology and immersive interactive entertainment, propelling a seismic transformation in how participants engage and immerse themselves in event environments.  


At the core of this innovation lies the AI photobooth—an ingenious fusion of AI technology and interactive photography that transcends traditional event experiences. Unlike conventional photobooths, this cutting-edge AI booth harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to craft bespoke, tailored experiences for each attendee, revolutionizing the way guests engage and interact at events.

Let's delve deeper into the AI photobooth and explore how Wesmile's innovation is reshaping event engagements through AI-powered experiences.


AI Photobooths: Redefining Event Entertainment

Firstly, the AI booth aligns it's usage with the event's theme, whether it's an art exhibition, corporate events, client events, or themed celebration. Picture this: an event honoring the works of Vincent van Gogh. Attendees step into an immersive experience where they transform into the art style from van Gogh's timeless masterpieces, becoming living embodiments of art. The interaction unfolds as guests engage with the AI booth, responding to thought-provoking questions about van Gogh's life or choosing which artwork they'd like to embody. These engaging interactions not only entertain but also educate, offering guests a chance to delve deeper into the event's theme, enhancing their overall event experience.


AI-Driven Personalization and Innovation

Through seamless AI interactions, the booth generates personalized and transformative images, encapsulating the chosen van Gogh experience. Guests witness themselves being seamlessly transformed into characters from "Starry Night" or "Sunflowers," experiencing art in an entirely new dimension. The beauty of the AI photobooth lies in its ability to transcend entertainment—it's an interactive storyteller, an educational tool, and above all, a vessel for creating unforgettable moments. It adds a new layer of engagement, enabling guests to actively participate in the event's narrative. Beyond art-themed events, the AI booth's versatility knows no bounds. From corporate functions to weddings, themed parties to brand activations, this innovation seamlessly adapts, adding a touch of enchantment and engagement to any occasion.


How it Works?

The Four-Step AI Photobooth


Step 1: Step into the Photobooth and Strike a Pose

The experience begins as guests step into the sleek and inviting AI photobooth. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, the booth beckons attendees to capture the moment. As the curtain draws, guests find themselves in a world of endless possibilities, ready to embark on an unforgettable journey. The AI photobooth captures snapshots of smiles, laughter, and shared moments, freezing them in time to be transformed into personalized photos.


Step 2: Choose Your Unique Selection

Following the photo session, guests are invited to engage further with the AI photobooth. Here's where the fun truly begins! A series of thought-provoking questions or themed prompts appear on the screen, guiding guests to choose their desired transformation. Imagine attending an event celebrating the works of Vincent van Gogh. Questions may prompt guests to choose between becoming a character from "Starry Night" or immersing themselves in the vibrant hues of "Sunflowers." These selections are the key to unlocking a bespoke and unforgettable experience.

AI booth tranform unique images in the art style of Vincent van Gogh

 Step 3: AI Generates Your Unique Image

Now, the AI uses its algorithms and processes the chosen selections. In an instant, it transform the captured images into personalized photos that encapsulate the chosen experience. Guests smiles genuinely as the AI works its wonders, witnessing their faces seamlessly blend into the chosen van Gogh artwork or themed experience. The transformation unfolds, revealing a unique and personalized image that transcends the ordinary.


Step 4: Get Your Unique Image - Print or Scan QR Digital

After the image is generated, guests have the option to receive a high-quality printout, a tangible keepsake capturing their personalized journey through the AI photobooth. Alternatively, for a modern touch, a quick scan of the QR code enables instant digital access to their unique image, ready to be shared across social platforms, preserving the memory for years to come.


In Conclusion: Elevating Event Engagements with Wesmile's AI Photobooth

Wesmile's AI photobooth isn't just "another event experience"—it's an immersive journey where guests become part of a transformative experience. Through a seamless four-step process—stepping in, choosing selections, AI transformation, and receiving a personalized image—the AI photobooth creates an enchanting fusion of technology, art, and unforgettable moments. Experience the magic and redefine event engagements with Wesmile's AI photobooth, where every snapshot is a personalized masterpiece, and every moment is an unforgettable adventure. As technology continues to evolve, AI photobooths emerge as pioneers in revolutionizing event engagements. Wesmile's innovative strides in merging AI technology with the photobooth experience herald a new era of interactive, immersive, and unforgettable event experiences.

Group M
Frisse Blikken
Group M
Frisse Blikken

Trusted by companies and individuals with our smiles guarantee.

Great way to have a laugh and have a bit of banter. 

Koen Homan 

CRR, Adyen

This is THE BIGGEST INNOVATION FOR EVENTS in years. Nobody leaves this AI photobooth without a smile. I've seen it in action multiple times now, and I would definitely recommend it to every business or private event. It's a great way to impress your visitors and they go home with a memorable and unique gift.

Tim Deynen

Head of Labs EMEA, GroupM

Its fun, entertaining, creative and innovative. Its something Ive never seen before. Original. I love the themes, its out of the box, but also in the box (the photobooth setup)

Fabienne Houry

Channel Account Manager, Dell Technohogies

It’s great, very excited to see the possibilities of the A.I. images with this photobooth.

Jason Paige
American singer of OG Pokemon theme song

My testimonial is only one word: Phenomenal.

Clemens Rademakers
VMware Sales Specialist, Dell Technohogies

Loved the booth and I’m happy to have this day captured with AI. When pictures are in paper the moment feels more unique. So great job to the whole team of Wesmile


Software Engineer, Adyen

Lovely start-up,  great communications and they developed and interesting and fun concept. On the one hand, a fun and interactive booth to use for your event on the other hand, a great conversation starter about the utilisation of AI.

Jonathan Mostert

Projectmanager, Frisse Blikken

This experience was very original, it gives me a whole new feeling about   fun and creativity. If I were to simply put it in words, the photobooth has an outstanding and uniquely captivating ability for me and I think my team thinks the same too.

Fabrice Martin

Director IT, Altiore